Be Kind, Rewind – Ep. 21 – Independence Day: Resurgence (GUEST: John Bowers)

Alex discusses his thoughts on The Shallows, then we take a look at the very confusing sci-fi/romance film trailer, The Space Between Us in Trailer Talk. We then move on to discussing Independence Day: Resurgence and why Roland Emmerich is destroying landmarks, people’s careers and why he thinks superhero movies are taking notes from his films. Lastly, Jonathan tries to imitate Judd Hirsch, with very poor results. We are joined by guest, John Bowers on this episode.

Alex’s Review of The Shallows (01:50)
Trailer Talk: The Space Between Us (12:03)
Feature Review: Independence Day: Resurgence (24:08)
SPOILERS (33:50)

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