Be Kind, Rewind – Ep. 23 – Ghostbusters (GUEST: Charles Knauf)

Alex and Jonathan discuss what they’ve been watching, including Mr. Robot, The BFG and why Steven Spielbergs films just dont have that magic anymore. We discuss the long history of the Ghostbusters remake and discuss what we thought of the Paul Feig reboot.

Our guest this week is comic book and film writer, Charles Knauf. Charles has written several comic books such as Marvel’s Civil War, Iron Man, Captain America, Eternals: Manifest Destiny and co-wrote the SyFy channel movie, The Phantom. His company is Graphic Adaption.

What We’ve Been Watching (02:13)
Alex: The BFG
Charles: Mr. Robot Season 1
Jonathan: Mr. Robot Season 2 Premiere

Feature Review: Ghostbusters (12:03)
SPOILERS for Ghostbusters (28:37)

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