Be Kind, Rewind – Ep. 29 – Don’t Breathe (GUEST: Aleksey Morales)

Alex, Jonathan and the OG Be Kind, Rewind co-host, Aleksey Morales, talk about what they’ve been watching, including Aleksey’s reason on why he’s watched Stranger Things for a third time in a row. They also the discuss the genius of The Guardians trailer and bash the new Rings movie.

What We’ve Been Watching (02:08)
Aleksey: Stranger Things
Alex: War Dogs, Don’t Think Twice
Jonathan: Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, The Night Of
Trailer Talk (14:42)
The Guardians (2017)
Rings (2016)
Feature Review: Don’t Breathe (33:40)
SPOILERS (47:42)

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